Extend Vista’s Activation Dead-line by up to a Year!

It has been discovered that Microsoft have made it possible to delay the activation dead-line on Vista Business installs. Simple as changing a registry key, running a command and rebooting. Definitely script-worthy 😉
Found it on Bink first. Original article here.

Here’s my interpretation of what you have to do:
1. Running un-activated Vista, bring up regedit
2. Set the SkipRearm DWORD to 1 found at the following registry location: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SL
3. Close reg-edit and run the following command as an admin: slmgr -rearm

After a reboot the registry key goes back to it’s default 0 value, and you have another 30 days of activation time. Sweet!

Apparently the act of setting the SkipRearm key prevents the activation information from getting wiped when the rearm command is run, so the rearm command just resets the expiry time. Supposedly you can repeat the process to give you a buffer of a maximum of a year.

The original article I’ve linked above starts babbling on about piracy and rubbish like that. Well who cares about that, that’s just home-user rubbish. This kind of thing will make admins very happy. Oh and don’t forget, an un-activated copy of windows can’t get on-demand updates from Microsoft Update can it! Something tells me the scare-tactics of “oh no, dodgy retailers might start selling un-activated Vista!” won’t quite hold any water.