New sysprep.exe ( for Server 2003 SP2

Here’s the file that you need for Server 2003 SP2 (kb926028): x86 / x64

Personally I couldn’t get the download to run properly on my Vista box (didn’t actually try very hard) so I ran it from an admin console with the /x switch.
It extracts some rubbish into a folder along with the that you want.

[Update 2011-06-15: Links refreshed]

  • Anonymous

    Hey, after about 10 Google tries, yours is the only site that indicated to use the /x switch to extract the for SP2. MS doesn’t say this, neither do any of those MVP bloggers. Kudos to you!

  • NiXC

    Thanks very much! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Thank You!!!

  • good!!it work, you are god!

  • ok


  • Fred Durst

    THANK YOU! Just like Anonymous says below: you seem to be the only guy on the planet that says to extract these puppies with the /x switch. Just saved me from pulling my hair out 🙂

  • Thanks Fred! You just cheered me right up and I’m very happy I was able to help you out 🙂