Using Outlook to send email from a different domain than the default

Q: What if you want to send email using Outlook connected to an Exchange server, but you want to send it ‘from’ an address which is different to the one you normally receive?! For example you have your exchange server ‘receiving’ email to and but you can only send email with messages coming from … what do you do when you want to send from!

A: All you have to do is add a new POP3 account to your email accounts and set the SMTP server to the exchange server’s name, the pop3 server to anything, e.g. localhost. Make sure you set your email address to the new one you want email to appear to come from. Finally you need to set the send/receive settings so that the new account only sends email, and doesn’t try to receive it. That’s because if it tries to receive it’ll fail because we’re actually faking this account and there is no need to receive messages.

Once the account is made and the settings are changed you’ll be able to create a new email and see a new button in the new message toolbar allowing you to change the account. That email will then appear to come from the other address!

Easy really…but so many people don’t seem to think of this!
It all relies on the fact that exchange servers can act as smtp relays so long as the machine you’re using to connect to it can authenticate, if that works then exchange automatically lets you send any email you want. If you can’t authenticate then usually it’ll stop you, unless the settings have been relaxed of course.

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