Connecting a TomTom ONE to a Nokia N95 on T-Mobile

Today I decided to get my TomTom ONE (version 1) to auto-update using my phone. Not too hard I thought…well no, not too bad, but it would help if TomTom could get the pre-configured settings right!

Here’s what you have to do if you’re on T-Mobile and have the web-n-walk tarriff, and you’d like to get past 65% configured:
1. Use the “Manage Phones” function on the TomTom to start connecting the N95. Make sure the phone authorises the TomTom to always accept connections.
2. Then the TomTom gets a list of services from the phone and asks to connect to test the data services functionality, let it do that, and enjoy the wait whilst it fails to work. It took a good five minutes to time-out for me.
3. When it times out, and you get to choose the phone type, choose the N95 and hopefully you get asked if you want to set-up the connection manually or automatically…choose MANUAL or you’ll be in for another long wait.
4. At the manual config stage use all the defaults, but change the password to “pass” (without quotes of course), and make sure the ip and dns settings are chosen automatically, the manual one’s won’t work.
5. Then it’ll finally get to 70% and beyond and we’re cooking with gas!

Hope that helps someone 🙂