I vote: fabricland.co.uk for worst website ever made!

Some days I’m amazed at the things I see on the internet, and today I nearly split my sides laughing when a friend at work passed me a link to look at…

http://www.fabricland.co.uk/ has to be among the worst websites I have ever laid eyes upon! In all my years of surfing the web, going right back to 1995 I have never seen so many colours, flashing boxes, or miss-uses of marquees. If there’s one thing it’s missing it’s music you can’t stop when you enter the site. Hell there are even dancing santas on there!

There’s even a fabulous parody of this site found here (http://www.peterserafinowicz.com/brian-butterfield/) total genius 🙂

  • Oh my god! That is so bad it's almost unbelievable. In fact there are no words to describe just how terrible it is. They must have actually tried to make a site that bad.

  • Anonymous

    Try looking at http://www.forestdogrescue.org.uk someone should tell them, there should be a place to vote for these strange sites

  • Anonymous


    take a look at this one – the red is designed to make you mad

  • Anonymous

    ChAP's site looks like it's one of many pretty bad looking ones 'designed'(!) by one particular company/block.

  • Anonymous

    There is now a place where you can post details of these awful sites: http://www.britainsworstwebsite.com

  • Anonymous

    You've just seen the tip of the iceberg. For a starter, see HavenWorks.
    Scared? Okay: here is the WORST website I have ever seen, and will probably ever see, in my entire life:
    Not recommended for people with capped internet/dial-up speeds!

  • Nick

    O…M…G… my eyes are bleeding. Actually my ears are too. This iceberg is huge. Perhaps I should keep it to the UK, but I concede defeat to those awful awful american sites. Thank you Anonymous!

  • Linda

    This site may somewhat over the top, the spelling may not be the best but if you want to search for fabrics its probably one of the best! I use the site regularly and the people on the other end of the phone are extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend it.