Windows Biometric Service stops preventing fingerprint logon

Recently I setup one of my work laptops to allow me to login using my fingerprint without the need for any client software other than a driver. A handy new feature built-in to Windows 7, and it works fabulously well. One finger on each hand for different things, one for admin, one for my normal user. Love it!

However I have been finding occasionally that when I switch the laptop on (usually after being in hibernation or standby) that I can’t login with a fingerprint and have to resort to legacy means (typing!).

I think that this is because the “Windows Biometric Service” service has stopped. There are events notifying that it’s happened but no explanation why. I made sure the service was set to automatic (it was) and I’ve added recovery options to the service telling it to restart if it stops. Seems that hasn’t fixed it because the problem cropped up immediately afterwards when I tested it. I’m not quite sure what else to do yet…

Just thought I’d blog this in case someone else runs into it.

  • Punit Arya

    Me facing the same problem… Learned from your blog I could restart the service in Recovery tab. Hope that solves the problem.