Get your own IPv6 address range

IPv6 Certification Badge for njfclarkI recently decided to learn about IPv6 and signed up to get my own IPv6 address range. It’s all free and your learn loads in the process.

Just visit sign-up and get learning about IPv6!

They provide a free PPTP VPN tunnel service so you can set your laptop to have its own static IPv6 address no matter where you’re connecting to the internet from. Plus you get free DNS management and rDNS too!!!

I have to say, it’s pretty cool to be able to give my laptop a static forward and reverse AAAA record.
Oh and if you do it soon you might get a free T-shirt too. Just make sure you put in your correct home address details and T-shirt size in the personal details section. It’s all to aid promoting the switch to IPv6.

— A follow-up post on how to use your new IPv6 range on a D-Link DIR-825 cable-router to give your whole network IPv6 automatically is here

  • seahen

    “No matter where you’re connecting to the internet from” is a rather misleading description. If the WiFi router is v4-only, then your range is only as long as your CAT5 cable.

  • Actually you’re wrong 🙂 They provide a pptp vpn tunnel, so configure a laptop or mobile device (that supports pptp) and you can carry your ipv6 address everywhere you go. Unless of course you decide to use your allication on your router as you suggest, in which case it’s as far away as your range boosted wifi can reach, and with a tin can range booster mod i bet you could beat the 100m cable length the cat 5e spec limits you to, so wrong there too! :p