• Raajeev


    I used this method. I can see the changes on the bitsadmin command output. But on the internet explorer “settings” i cannot see the change in proxy.
    IE is still using the proxy i entered manually in the Lan settings configuration menu.
    What could be the problem ?

  • NiXC

    Hi Raajeev, you’d probably have to run IE as LocalSystem or Network Service in order to be able to see the effect. This method is for changing a proxy server for an account for which you “can’t” run IE and look at the settings for – so trying to look for the settings after using the method is probably not going to show much 🙂

  • Alex

    Thanks!!!!!!!! I had an issue with a service running SYSTEM which was not able to connect to one of our web services, setting the proxy using bitsadmin solved everything. Great info. Works on Windows 7 BTW.

  • Glen

    You are my new hero! I have been slaving away at this problem most of the day. Due to the inability to use “Interactive Services Detection” on 2012 R2 to open a localsystem command prompt this is the only method that worked.

  • Thanks Glen!