I vote: fabricland.co.uk for worst website ever made!

Some days I’m amazed at the things I see on the internet, and today I nearly split my sides laughing when a friend at work passed me a link to look at…

http://www.fabricland.co.uk/ has to be among the worst websites I have ever laid eyes upon! In all my years of surfing the web, going right back to 1995 I have never seen so many colours, flashing boxes, or miss-uses of marquees. If there’s one thing it’s missing it’s music you can’t stop when you enter the site. Hell there are even dancing santas on there!

There’s even a fabulous parody of this site found here (http://www.peterserafinowicz.com/brian-butterfield/) total genius 🙂

Decide for yourself if Bing is any good

Microsoft recently re-made and rebranded their internet search engine. Launched not long ago Bing.com seems to me to be pretty good. I always hated Live search; in fact I used to prove to my peers how crap it was simply by searching for something that had recently been made live by Microsoft themselves, such as a new Microsoft download I might need, like SQL 2008 SP1. Low and behold 9 times out of 10 Live search would find almost nothing of use, but google would give me exactly what I needed in the first result.
I never bothered to try Yahoo – I mean who the hell cares about Yahoo now anyway. To me they are like the AOL of ISPs – you only use them if you don’t know better.

Well now that Bing is here there’s a nice little tool some Microsoft guy has setup to help you decide if it’s any good. It’s a blind-search test and lets you run a query against Google, Yahoo and Bing at the same time, but doesn’t tell you where the results are from until you vote for the column of results which best fits what you were searching for. I think it’s a very clever idea. Try it out here: http://blindsearch.fejus.com/

Mobile Accessories – not the usual crap, this stuff is great!

I just found a site that sells accessories for mobiles and general portable techie stuff. It’s called ProPorta and I have to say I’m very impressed. They have all sorts of useful things, like cable tidies for headphone – whoever thought of that?! I never realised I needed some but I’m buying some now 🙂
They even sell minature GPS receivers that go on your keyring. Seeing that gave me the idea to permanently mount one in my car, they use such little power and they’re so small.

Check the site out, it’s great, and the stuff’s quite cheap too.