You can’t add the IE icon to the Windows 7 desktop

Just recently discovered that it is not and will no longer be possible to add the IE icon to the Windows desktop, as of Windows 7! Detailed in KB article KB945402 Microsoft have decided to completely remove the old functionality that puts IE on the desktop as a proper desktop item – as opposed to a simple shortcut.
I guess it saves them from being sued again over IE being a part of Windows. Annoying though, damned EU courts, it’s all their fault. Oh well…

Put Internet Explorer back on the Vista desktop

Microsoft keep being forced into how we are allowed to use Windows. With each new version of Windows and IE they’ve been removing IE from the desktop and making it harder to put it back.
I keep seeing the same thing all the time on users’ computers – they want IE on the desktop, can’t find out how to do it properly, and end up creating a shortcut to it. It does the job but they’ve lost the right-click functionality they had before
By properly of course I mean that like the Outlook icon (which they also took away – which I show how to fix here), you can right click on the Internet Explorer icon and get to your internet options easily.
Here’s how you get it back:-
Copy the following text into notepad, save it as a .reg file somewhere, right-click and import…

For all users on the computer:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

For just the current user:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

After you’ve done that, just refresh the desktop (click on it and press F5) and IE is back.

How to remove the “Click to Activate” annoyance in IE before April 2008

We all know and hate the click to activate functionality that Microsoft had to add to Internet Explorer, but the good news is that Microsoft are finally allowed to get rid of it. Problem is the lazy buggers won’t get the feature removed until the April 2008 cumulative update for IE.
However there is an interim solution! Yay! And here it is: KB947518

The alternative for Vista users of course is to install SP1, but then Microsoft hasn’t let everyone get that yet have they. Unless you know where to look…

Enjoy 🙂