Signing a freeware un-signed app for a Symbian phone

When you install an app on a Nokia phone these days it won’t install unless it’s been signed with a trusted certificate. Problem is you have to pay to get a certificate you can use to allow anyone to install software. That’s why you get a lot of free software for Nokias at the moment that you just can’t install because they haven’t been signed.

So how do we install the software?! The only easy solution is to get a certificate that only works on your phone, and is locked to your phone’s IMEI number. The easiest way to do this is to use a free site in China that will give you the bits you need.

1. Go to
2. Click register at the top right
3. Fill in the details and register
4. Once you’ve registered click the “My Certificate” link at the top and log in
5. Now click the orange “Apply cer” button near the top right
6. Fill in the details, the only bit that matters in this page is your IMEA number (get it using *#06# on your mobile), the rest of the fields are to help you identify your certificate
7. After clicking the button you’ll go to the My Certificate page where you certificates get listed. It’ll show your newly applied for certificate and that it’s in the ‘apply’ stage
8. Now go down the shops or play your favourite computer game and wait a few hours. It took about 3 hours for my first one to get approved. Perhaps they’re running the system on a 486 or maybe it’s a manual approval thing, either way it takes a while. I’ve heard it ‘can’ take 24 hours sometimes. So keep coming back every few hours. The site will time our after a little while so you’ll need to log in again.
9. When your certificate is approved you will be able to click the “Signing” link on the certificate line that’s been approved. You can then upload your .sis file that you want signed and then download a signed version.

Easy! Pity the Symbian Foundation or Nokia couldn’t make it that easy.

Get internet radio on a Nokia N-series phone!

I’ve been waiting for this for YEARS! Finally, I can now listen to my favourite radio station wherever I am, purely by plugging into my phone. Nokia have at last released “Nokia Internet Radio” for N-series users. It may be in beta at the time of writing but it sure works well.

Here’s the link to it: (updated 31-08-2009)
The N95 and E-series phones are supported.

There are masses of different stations to choose from and it looks like Nokia are plugging into the same internet radio station directory that the popular mp3 player WinAMP uses.

So far I’m very happy with it, is working like a dream, and with my monthly quota of 2GB of 3G lovliness from T-mobile for only £7.50 a month I can happily listen for over 90 hours! Doubt I’ll use that up any time soon 🙂

Thankfully for those of you who don’t get a good data package from your mobile provider (let alone a good signal all the time – which I don’t) it does support WiFi if your phone has it built-in and will adjust the data-rate upwards accordingly.

So we can now use our bluetooth headphones and wander around the office listening to endless trance and never need to rip a single track. Fantastic!