OutlookTools (free)

Recently I’ve been having serious problems with my install of Outlook 2007. I’m on Vista x64 SP1 and after running perfectly for about two weeks Outlook started crashing shortly after opening it. After a complete reinstall of Office the problem got worse and now Outlook will not open at all….but I digress…I’m posting to mention that I’ve found a really handy tool…

Called “OutlookTools” it’s a simple app that will let you cleanup and clearout some of the harder to reach depths of Outlook. If you ever have problems with Outlook (ok I’ve caught 99% of people here) all I can say it download it and give it a go! It is free after all 🙂

Also why not check-out the origin site HowTo-Outlook.com – it seems to be quite good.

Add Outlook 2007 Icon to the Desktop

Back in the old days of Office 2000 and XP microsoft used to automatically put the Outlook icon on the desktop, and you could right-click it to get to profile and account settings. A very handy feature. Now with Office 2003, 2007 they’ve given up doing that following their ‘clean desktop’ trend. I understand that, but sometimes I need users to be able to get to Outlook easily and to manage their profiles without having to go to control panel – if I even allow them to go there!

I had to search hard to find this one but I found it in the end. Here’s the key needed to add Outlook 2007 back to the desktop:

Open regedit and browse to:
Then add a new key (not a new value) with the following name:

Then refresh your desktop and your Outlook icon will appear (or disappear if you deleted the key).
Here’s the code if you want to put it in a .reg file:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

I can confirm this works on Windows 7 Pro x86. It does not seem to work on Enterprise edition.