Photoshop CS3 hangs when you exit

Got myself a new laptop recently with Vista preinstalled and when I installed Adobe Photoshop CS3 I found when I tried to exit the program it would always hang during the exit process. I’d never seen it do that before, but after searching the net I found I wasn’t alone – perhaps I had been lucky up to now.

Anyway after much messing about, reinstalling, trying various things (like turning off UAC and system restore before installing) I found a forum post from someone talking about the FLEXnet Licensing service and how it could be to blame for this stupid behaviour.
Some people said if the service was running it needed stopping and/or removing, others said if it was not running you should start it. Mine was set to manual but was running, so I was suspicious…if it’s manual then something has started it – therefore it must be needed. I wasn’t about to delete it then, and clearly it needed to run.
So I started searching for updates specifically for Macrovision FLEXnet – it is a 3rd party product after all. And low and behold I found a patch on Adobe’s site which nobody had mentioned – in this case for Adobe Acrobat 8 and 8.1. After installing the patch (which I believe replaced a dll) all was well again! Well done Macrovision and Adobe for making crap software.
Since finding the patch I did find a forum post which explains it as something to do with SATA drivers: