Find a computer’s model using PowerShell

Interestingly this blog’s most popular post is one where I demonstrate how to find the serial number of a PC in a batch file so you can write a script that does different things for different computer models. I pretty much don’t write batch code any more, instead using PowerShell as much as possible. So I… Read More »

Orca 5 for Windows 8

When Windows 8 hit RTM there was a slightly newer version of Orca the MSI editing tool available. This one is version 5.0.9200.0, but when it’s installed, in the Programs and Features dialog it’ll show up as 8.59.25584. To grab yourself a copy get the Windows SDK for Windows 8, install using the option to… Read More »

Orca 5 – msi editing tool for Windows 7

Here is where to get hold of version 5 of Orca – the one most suitable for Windows 7 able to validate .msi files for Windows Installer 5. It is in the Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 4. Unfortunately there’s no mini-download for the msi sdk like with version 4.5. You need… Read More »

8 days in Apple land with the new MacBook Air

Getting hands-on with the new MacBook Air (late-2010) I have just finished a relationship. Not a normal kind of relationship you understand, this one was with a laptop. A rather special laptop. Last new year a friend showed off his MacBook Air to me and I was smitten ever since. So when Apple announced their… Read More »

Use a D-Link DIR-825 to automatically IPv6 your network

(Please note this article is very out-of-date as D-Link trickled out a new version of software for this router which changes its ipv6 functionality and completely fixes the ipv6 router advertisement issue – here is an EU beta version that I found after scouring the d-link forums: DIR-825 2.05EU, and I think the US version is… Read More »